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Siddha Infertlity Treatment

For couples, who have no children and yearn to have a child, there is good news!

Siddha, the Indian System of Medicine, has been remarkable in treating problems of infertility in women. Women, whose fallopian tubes are blocked or the ovaries affected or uterus slanted is likely to be infertile. Likewise, a man whose sperm producing testes are sick or one who suffers from Azoospermia is infertile. In allopathy, this problem is treated by embryo transfer. But this is very expensive and it very often does not succeed. Also, the various tests and medicine often produce allergies and side effects which often require a second round of drugs.

Siddha medicine for the treatment of infertility requires the patient to adhere to a few habits. Herbal preparations ensure a bountiful production of healthy eggs and proper ovulation. these medicines takes care of blocks in the fallopian tubes and defects in the uterus. Smoking, tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited when undergoing the treatment. In men ,the Siddha medicine increases the sperm count.

Recently, a Siddha doctor, Dr Jamuna was in news.She has treated more than 1000 patients spread all over the world. Her success rate is more than 80%. She has her own cline Karthick Fertility Clinic at Tambaram, near Chennai.

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